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Ugrowimow offers property cleanup service for junk, illegal dumping, mold, water damage, fire damage clean up and hauling , renters’ junk or any other reason. Residential and commercial property owners face a property clean up situation before they sell their home or business. We have received calls from people that were cited for vacant lot clean up. Too much neglected vegetation, overgrown trees, and homeless debris. We can make your property citation free with our expert property clean up service.

When you’re faced with a property cleanup, the task can be more than intimidating, it can be downright discouragingly daunting. You’ve got to sort and organize what stays and what goes and then have to deal with proper disposal. This can be a very involved and laborious process because you can’t simply take everything to one place.

We know precisely what to do and how to get it done so you can just sit back and relax. We get calls from many other property owners that live out of state. We go to the property and send pictures. We give a quote. Say yes and we clean it up and dispose of all debris. We’ll send you pics of completed job.